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July 2022

Helping Home Buyers Navigate Canada's Government Funding Programs

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'The Government of Canada offers several rebates and incentives to home buyers,...rebates, incentives, tax credits and other options... can vary from province to province specific to each client’s individual situation...' ~ CREA Cafe July 18, 2022

Number of singles, common-law relationships and roommates rises as Canada's households evolve

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'The number of multi-generational homes... now accounts for seven per cent of all households in Canada...the number of young adults aged 20 to 34 living with at least one parent remained remained constant in 2021 at 35 per cent...' ~ CBC, Peter Zimonjic

Higher Borrowing Costs Continued to Impact Home Sales

Home sales have been impacted by both the affordability challenge presented by mortgage rate hikes and the psychological effect wherein home buyers who can afford higher borrowing costs have put their decision on hold to see where home prices end up. Expect current market conditions to remain in place during the slower summer months. Once home prices stabilize, some buyers will re-enter the market despite higher borrowing costs,

Condominium or House: Which is Right for You?

For some people, a condominium lifestyle is the only way to live—no lawn maintenance, access to a pool and tennis court, and extra security features you might not have in a single-family home. Other people simply can’t breathe in a condo because their neighbours are too close for comfort. Consider the pros and cons and your specific needs and desires before deciding on whether to buy a condo or a house.

A Buyer's Guide to Property Viewing Etiquette

As a prospective home buyer, you have responsibility for the viewing of homes. You need to be sensitive and respectful when touring properties with your agent. Here are a few simple guidelines to follow during your home hunting days:

Time for a Mortgage Checkup

Having regular checkups by a doctor is critical to ensuring good health. The same concept holds true for one of your most important financial investments: your mortgage.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Home Windows?

Over the years, there have been many changes in the style, technology, and function of windows. When deciding whether to repair or replace your existing windows, begin by considering their age and condition. As well, poorly designed, constructed and placed windows can cost money through heat or cooling loss.

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